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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth discolour naturally as we get older and staining is not helped by the food we eat. Teeth whitening treatment is the perfect solution. By having a professional bleaching agent applied to your teeth, you’ll achieve a more confident, brighter smile. Your teeth will be lightened by several shades.

Our expert cosmetic dental team can apply a number of tooth whitening techniques to whiten your teeth by several shades with long lasting effects. You can choose to have treatment in the surgery or take the treatment home with you, to apply at your leisure.

Teeth Whitening - Enlighten
    • Brightens your teeth by several shades.
    • Professional, predictable results.
    • Transforms your smile.
    • Comfortable custom made whitening trays.
    • Long lasting.
    • Home treatments available.

If you decide you want to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, we will supply you with a custom made whitening tray in which to put the whitening gel. A tray that has been made to fit your mouth at our on site dental laboratory will be more comfortable than the one size trays available from shop bought home kits.

Our kits also give you a predictable result. We will guide you through the process. Alternatively you can choose to have treatment in the surgery. During your consultation our dentist will talk you through the treatment process and what to do with the gel that will be applied to your teeth.

Zoom Whitening

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Before & After

Teeth whitening makes a significant difference to your smile.


How long do the effects last?

Professional tooth whitening, such as the in-house option we provide, can give you results that last for up to 2 years.

Are there any side-effects?

You might find that your teeth are more sensitive after having used a tooth whitening kit or received tooth whitening treatment. This sensitivity will settle down after a few weeks.

Is it safe?

Tooth whitening techniques have been used for many years. Our professional dental team are trained and experienced in delivering this treatment. It’s perfectly safe.

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