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Bridges provide an effective solution to missing teeth. A bridge is made by putting crowns on the teeth either side of your missing tooth or teeth, before an artificial tooth or teeth is firmly cemented in the middle. The artificial teeth will be colour matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth to ensure a discreet and natural look.

We can create our own bridges with colour matched crowns in house, at our dental laboratory. It’s important to replace missing teeth with artificial ones, in order to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting around in your mouth, causing you further dental problems.

    • Dental bridges replace missing teeth.
    • Discreetly colour matched to your existing teeth.
    • Dental bridges will correct speech and chewing problems caused by tooth loss.
    • Prevents existing teeth from moving around in your mouth.
    • Created in-house by experienced dental technicians
    • Have a more confident, flattering smile.

Bridges are usually used when there are a few teeth to replace on one side of the mouth.

You can choose from having crowns, which are colour matched to your natural teeth.

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Dental bridges hold artificial teeth, which will correct the problems, caused by having teeth missing, as well as improving your smile.


Can anyone have a bridge?

Your mouth needs to have strong, healthy remaining teeth and good bone support to have a bridge fitted. Your dentist will be able to tell you whether a bridge is possible in your case.

How do I clean the bridge?

Bridges are fixed permanently in place. A normal toothbrush will be able to clean under the bridge. The dentist will show you how to use floss or a bridge needle to clean it.

Can I have a bridge fitted as soon as my teeth need replacing?

If your gums aren’t healed properly following the removal of your teeth, you will need a temporary denture before the bridge can be fitted.

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