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Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic root canal treatment is often required for teeth which are severely decayed or damaged and are an infection threat to your blood or nerve supply. We will remove any sign of infection and clean the problem tooth thoroughly, before filling it to restore it to its natural shape and prevent further problems. We use discreet natural coloured composite or porcelain restorations to preserve the tooth and give you a more flattering smile.

Tooth infection is very painful and can lead to you losing the affected tooth, so if you suspect you need to root canal treatment, please do not delay in calling us. If you are feeling anxious or nervous about having the treatment, please be assured that we will talk you through all your choices, thoroughly explain the procedure and do our best to put you at ease.

We provide absolutely pain free treatment and IV sedation for nervous patients. The tooth will be naturally restored with a porcelain crown or composite white filling.

Endodontic Root Canal Treatment
    • Root canal treatment can prevent you from losing your teeth.
    • Removes painful infection from a problem tooth.
    • The infected tooth will be restored to its natural shape.
    • Effective procedure to prevent further painful complications.
    • Highly skilled and experienced dentists.
    • Anxious patients are put at ease.

It’s the soft tissue inside the tooth that becomes inflamed or infected due to decay or injury, that needs to be removed in order to prevent infection from spreading.

A tiny hole is made in the top of the tooth in order to access the canals and remove the infected tissue. The canals are then filled with biocompatible material and sealed. A filling will then be applied.

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What are the root canals?

They are narrow passageways in the centre of your teeth.

What happens if I don't have root canal treatment?

There’s a good chance you may have to have the whole tooth removed. Saving your teeth through root canal treatment means you won’t suffer the problems caused by losing a tooth, such as your existing teeth moving in your mouth and an increased likelihood of tooth decay. It also means you won’t have to have an implant fitted.

Does it hurt?

You will have an anaesthetic. The procedure feels similar to having a filling, but will actually prevent you from having to suffer a lot of pain. If the tooth is painful after treatment, you can take painkillers to relieve it.

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