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Fresh Breath Clinic

There are a number of causes of bad breath including bacteria left on the teeth and gums, as well as various health problems. Our fresh breath clinic will look at your breath problem holistically, with a view to treating the cause of it and making a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Our dedicated team of experienced dentists and hygienists will examine your tongue and teeth to identify bacterial activity. Once we have established the source and reason for your bad breath, we will begin your treatment plan without delay.

Fresh Breath Clinic
    • 95% of bad breath is caused by bacteria.
    • Fresh breath treatment eliminates bacterial activity.
    • Bad breath is very treatable.
    • Your bad breath may be a symptomatic of a health problem.
    • Freshen your breath and become more sociable.
    • Treatment carried out by expert hygienists.

The unpleasant smell that occurs when you have halitosis is due to chemical reactions in your mouth. Our expert team will draw on your medical history as well as the health of your teeth to determine what is making the smell. It might be hydrogen sulphide, which is associated with the tongue, or it might be CH3SH which originates from the gum and around the teeth. Cleaning treatments and gum therapy will improve your halitosis.

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How do I know I have bad breath?

You could simply ask your partner or friends for an honest answer, but to give you an idea of how it smells, try flossing your teeth and smelling the odour of the floss. We can also perform tests to determine what is causing the smell and which chemicals are contained within it.

What causes bad breath?

Smoking is known for causing bad breath problems, but generally food debris left in the mouth, causing bacterial activity is to blame, especially if this has led to tooth decay and gum disease, which has not been treated.

What does fresh breath treatment involved?

Fresh breath treatment involves sorting out the dental problems that are causing the smell. If you have a tooth infection or dental abscesses, our team will provide treatment. A thorough removing of food deposits, scaling and polishing will also help.

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