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Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer is the 11th most common form of cancer according to cancer research UK. 5100 cases were diagnosed in 2013 and the mortality rate is 50%, usually because it is detected too late. If mouth cancer is detected early enough, there is a much higher survival rate. We check all patients for early signs of mouth cancer as a matter of routine.

Early signs of mouth cancer can affect your lips, cheeks, tongue or throat. If we detect anything suspicious, we will refer you to an oral surgeon at a hospital for further advice or treatment.

Mouth Cancer Screening
    • Early detection dramatically increases chances of survival.
    • Mouth cancer affects men and women.
    • 640,000 cases were diagnosed worldwide every year.
    • It’s more common in those over 40.
    • We check all patients routinely.
    • Our dentists are trained to look for early signs of mouth cancer.

When you have a check up, as well as checking your teeth for any problems, we will also be looking for early signs of mouth cancer. If we see a mouth ulcer that doesn’t appear to be healing, an unusual lump, or a suspicious red or white patch, we will advise you to speak to your doctor.

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What does the screening involved?

The dentist will examine the inside of your mouth and your tongue using a small mirror. It doesn’t hurt, but it could save your life.

What happens if you find a problem?

Firstly you need to speak to your doctor about it. We’ll refer you to the right people straight away.

What will the doctor do?

You may have to have a biopsy, which is when the doctor takes a sample of your cells. These cells will then be examined to determine if there is a problem. If the sample cells are cancerous, you will need further tests to decide on appropriate treatment. It is possible to cure mouth cancer, using specialist cancer treatment. The earlier it’s diagnosed, the better your chances of survival.

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