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Mouth Guards

A mouthguard offers your teeth and gums protection when you’re playing sports or can be used to stop grinding, bruising at night, clenching and help with tooth, mouth and jaw problems and headaches.

Contact sports such as football and rugby are responsible for a lot of cracked, loose and missing teeth, but an effective mouthguard worn snuggly over the teeth, will absorb any blows, preserve your smile and even help prevent dislocated jaws, concussions as well as prevent damage to the teeth and the soft tissues and other serious injuries.

We create custom-fit mouthguards in our own on-site laboratory to ensure that your device is tailored precisely to your mouth and comfortable to wear. Sports guards are soft and worn on the upper jaw whilst anti grinding devices can be soft or hard, or worn on the upper or lower jaw.

We want you to focus on the sports game you’re playing and not your mouth guard. Choose from our extensive range.

Mouth Guards
    • Worn whilst playing sports.
    • Protect against tooth loss.
    • Prevents damage to teeth and gums.
    • Effective force absorption.
    • Can be used to stop to tooth grinding.
    • Hard wearing and custom fitted for comfort.

Impressions will be taken of your teeth in order to ensure a perfect fit. This will be done at our practice. The mouthguard will then be created in the laboratory, guided by your individual measurements and requirements.

Hard wearing mouthguards are designed for frequent use. Wash your mouthguard regularly, but make sure it’s dry before you store it, to help it last for longer.

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Can I wear my mouthguard with braces?

You will need a slightly larger mouthguard if you wear braces, but we will ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

How do I clean my mouthguard?

Wash it in warm water with soap. You can use a toothbrush lightly on it. Before you store it, rinse it and leave it to dry.

Will my mouthguard prevent concussion?

No. Mouthguards can only protect you from dental impact.

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